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Seniors Flourish Podcast | Occupational Therapy

The Seniors Flourish Podcast is an occupational therapy podcast helping occupational therapy practitioners working with older adults be the best they can be - not only by showcasing relevant interviews, answering questions, current articles and hot topics, but also to getting OT practitioners EXCITED about working with older adults, give actionable ideas that listeners can take and use in their own practice and have some FUN along the way

Jan 25, 2018

Occupational therapy is such an amazing profession to address the challenges of our patients with dementia. But how can we truly use our skills to engage our patients, teach staff and care partners these skills and help our patient's thrive?

My guest Jenna Mele OTD, OTR/L, CCCM, RYT, gives some great tips, resources and practical ways to work with our patients that have dementia so they can be as independent and successful as possible!


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