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Seniors Flourish Podcast | Occupational Therapy

The Seniors Flourish Podcast is an occupational therapy podcast helping occupational therapy practitioners working with older adults be the best they can be - not only by showcasing relevant interviews, answering questions, current articles and hot topics, but also to getting OT practitioners EXCITED about working with older adults, give actionable ideas that listeners can take and use in their own practice and have some FUN along the way

Jun 21, 2017

How do you (or do you?) use virtual reality with your patients that have neuro involvement? 
The progress and research in this area has grown greatly in recent years and it is exciting to see how occupational therapy and virtual reality will work together to help our patients now and in the future!
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Resources from the Show:

Virtual Reality Product Review

Shin, J.-H., Kim, M.-Y., Lee, J.-Y., Jeon, Y.-J., Kim, S., Lee, S., … Choi, Y. (2016). Effects of virtual reality-based rehabilitation on distal upper extremity function and health-related quality of life: a single-blinded, randomized controlled trial. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 13, 17. 

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